Raheem DeVaughn may not get the screams of say, a Trey Songz, but he’s got a dedicated following nonetheless. The Washington, D.C. based singer’s latest…

  The White House has yet to make any moves given the limited options available.   Washington (CNN) — Haven’t we heard this before? With…

In the latest issue of “Ebony,” Hollywood’s latest “It Girl,” Kerry Washington, who graces the cover, says that she would have passed on the role of Olivia Pope if the White, married president that she has a steamy affair with on the show had been Black. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know […]

D.C. police officer Richmond Phillips (pictured) shot his baby’s mother to death and left their infant daughter to die in a hot car because he…

After all of his shenanigans Katt Williams has a warrant for his arrest after he didn’t show up to court in Washington yesterday (December 12). He’s scheduled to perform in Indy this weekend but it’s possible that IMPD will be waiting for him when he gets off the plane. If not, Katt just might do […]

Police arrested a Washington couple this week on homicide by abuse and assault charges months after their 13-year-old adopted daughter was found dead at their residence. Larry P. Williams and Carri D. Williams’ adopted daughter Hana, who was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008 and came to America in search for a better life, was found […]

In light of the surging wealth disparity and unemployment rate, among other socio-economic issues plaguing the country, Rev. Al Sharpton wrote a column in the Huffington Post, urging Americans —African-Americans in particular — to take more action in challenging the government. In the column, Sharpton encourages African-Americans to address their issues at the National Action […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said he will veto conservative Republicans’ “Cut, Cap and Balance” fiscal plan if it makes it to his desk. A statement from the White House rejected the plan, which conditions a debt limit hike on a constitutional amendment that would require the government to balance its books each year. The […]

With Social Security possibly on the chopping block in debt talks in Washington, a report reveals that single, elderly, African-American women will be further driven into poverty. According to the National Women’s Law Center’s analysis of Current Population Survey data shows that if chained CPI, a Social Security COLA is cut, the median benefit for […]

A new book about the life of Barack Obama’s mother is casting doubt on statements shared by the president during his 2008 election campaign and push for health care reform, The New York Times reports. According to A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother, a biography written by Times reporter Janny Scott, […]

WASHINGTON — After Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said that millionaires paying more taxes to save the economy was “rather pathetic,” another Republican senator spoke against the proposal, suggesting that the poor take the burden instead of the rich. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) voted against the measure Thursday, demanding that poor middle-class Americans need to do […]

WASHINGTON–A University of Delaware graduate blamed three off-duty cops for the loss of his eye, which came as a result of a nightclub beating. Walter Blair, 24, celebrated his birthday in Washington and was involved in a brawl with the cops, who were working as bouncers. Blair was never accused or charged with any crime, […]