Still social distancing and binge watching during quarantine is a must!

“Beyond The Lights” was said to be the most highly anticipated love story out for the year of 2014. According to the box office people weren’t that excited to see the film as the movie did not make as much money ranking at number four. The film only made $6.5 million while “Dumb and Dumber […]

  Ladies and Gentleman there are things you just shouldn’t say to a woman. Listen to the audio and let ” The D.L. Hughley Show”…

Diversity is no longer simply a matter of creating a heterogeneous workforce, but using that workforce to innovate and give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace, according to a 2011 study from Forbes Insights. It’s a lesson that some companies have made a concerted effort to put into practice, namely those who made DiversityInc’s list […]

He can laugh about it now, but Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome live televised leg fractures this side of Joe Theismann. So what thoughts were going through his mind as his leg broke? He shared his top 10 thoughts with David Letterman Thursday night.     No. 8: “Hey, look […]