It’s so cold outside right now – making it the perfect time to add some extra heat to your relationship. There are so many ways to add an extra spark in a relationship but here are some things you can do while stuck indoors during these cold nights. Before your partner gets home, send a […]

Sometimes in relationships – we get comfortable and fall into a routine. Saying and meaning – “I love you” to your partner is so important but sometimes this phrase simply becomes part of day to day life. Switch things up with your partner by using one of these phrases – I appreciate you. I value […]

With all of the new technology today – sometimes we never really communication with our partners because we’re always on our cell phones – sending a text – checking Facebook and Twitter and checking email. When you’re together – make it a priority to put the phones down and really spend quality time with your […]

Do you want to get married? If you study and understand this one simple thing – it will happen. If you find the right guy – don’t let past relationships stop you from stopping you being the best woman you can be.  Give him respect, make him feel like he’s the man, let him love […]

TV and movies would have you believe that men are commitment-phobes who fear the dreaded ball and chain, but it turns out that’s just not true. According to’s 2013 Great Male Survey, 95 percent of men see marriage as a life goal, with 92 percent stating that they believe in the institution of marriage. The survey also found that 36 […]

R. Kelly's contributions to the jams on our iPods has been major. When we’re not listening to one of his classics, we’re listening to somebody else’s music that he wrote and produced.

The way to know if your relationship will last is to observe your partner’s past and present behavior and to learn the proven skills to make marriage work. So much damage is caused by people blindly connecting — rushing through the stages of commitment and not creating the solid basis a true relationship needs — I always welcome the […]

There is yet another data point to add to the changing portrait of American parents: the number of single fathers has risen nine-fold since demographers began measuring it more than 50 years ago. Back in 1960 there were fewer than 300,000 households headed by single dads, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data released […]

Aside from those mythical couples who claim they never fight (no one actually believes them, right?), a disagreement here and there is normal … even healthy. But think back to the last time you and your significant other had a fight — were you thinking about possible ways to resolve the conflict and how you could […]

The most memorable gifts come from the heart. In that spirit, here are 20 heartfelt ways to delight your significant other, without breaking your budget. Book a romantic hotel Many hotels cater to business travelers—who go home on weekends—so nice rooms are often available at less-expensive weekend rates. Take advantage of this and treat your […]

While your wedding planner might tell you this multi-thousand dollar expense is “necessary to the traditional ceremony,” don’t be fooled: many “traditions” barely date back before the 1920’s. However, some practices do have their roots deeply planted in the oldest “I do’s.” THE BOUQUET That pretty little bundle in the bride’s hands used to be […]

The best time to work on your marriage is before it even begins. (Yes, really!) If you are single, here are 10 things you can do in the present to prepare for a strong future. Stop Falling In Love With Potential Having a healthy relationship with your partner means loving them for who stands before […]