President Obama sang a bit of Al Green’s classic ‘Let’s Stay Together’ at a fund-raiser at the Apollo Theater and a week later, sales of the original version jumped %500. WOW. There’s a lotta ways that have been proposed to boost the American economy; the President covered everything from clean energy to saving the auto-industry […]

One of my favorite jams from the 90’s. I remember being told that Mark Morrison was ‘The British R. Kelly’…I can’t say he’s got the hits, voice, or mass appeal of Kellz… …BUT THIS IS THE JAM!! Just hit play and enjoy the Mack as he returns again. You knew that he’d be back.

The role of many Black musicians in making the ‘King Holiday’ a reality cannot be overlooked. There’s a great piece on The Grio detailing the effort Stevie Wonder, Gil-Scott Heron and many other Black artists put into making sure the legacy of Dr. King would be acknowledged by our nation. Don Mizell writes, “Today, I […]

Another banger you can hear us get into the mix! We take the opportunity to dig a little deeper in the crates every weekend here on 106.7 WTLC, with ‘Club 106.7’ on Friday nights and ‘The Saturday Night Basement Party’ on the following night. It’s a chance for us to pick the tempo up and […]

Here’s another BANGER that I always look forward to featuring in the ’12 O’ Clock Lunchtime Mix’. D-Train’s ‘You’re The One For Me’ has one of the most insistent basslines AND keyboard parts EVER EVER EVER! Lemme tell ya, when that baseline bubbles in for the intro, you know you’re in for some heavy funk. […] Odyssey – Inside Out by PeteRock Often, when I am deciding what to play in the ’12 O’ Clock Lunchtime Mix’, I find myself recalling some GREAT records that I haven’t had a chance to hear in a while. I’ll be posting some of these selections to TLCNAPTOWN.COM when I can. There’s so much […]

Nostalgia…Nostalgia is what builds inside of you when you hear, see or do something that triggers fond memory. On this day that memory was Michael Jackson! The out pour of love and support was nothing short of amazing by his hometown fans. There was a feel of true excitement in the hearts of every person […]

It would be an understatement to call Bill Withers a soul legend after viewing the documentary Still Bill, which is playing at the IFC Film Center in New York City until Feb. 4th and is slated to be released on DVD in the spring.