FOUNTAINTOWN — Volunteers are answering a call for help after strong winds caused damage to a Shelby County animal rescue. The owner of Canine Castaways Rescue said the wind ripped off the top of their outdoor shelter around 2 p.m. Saturday. It was an area they built in September for dogs housed at the shelter. […]

SHELBY COUNTY — Imagine returning home and discovering someone removed your roof while you were gone. It’s probably so inconceivable that it’s not even on the list of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. But that is what happened Tuesday morning to Kevin and Shellie Giles when they drove up the driveway of their Shelby County home. […]

So many things to do…take time and unwind with some great events going on today in and around your city.  From festivals to markets and so much more is happening today; check out some of the events below. Help kids with auto-immune disease & severe food allergies with the Gluten Free Summer Kids Camp in […]