School Safety

HANCOCK COUNTY— Teachers in several districts now have a high-tech tool to get help and keep their students safe. It’s something at least one teacher is worried is making it tough to hire qualified educators. “There are a lot more weights to carry in 2022 as an educator,” said Laken Rosing. “They wanted to be […]

A movement has emerged to pass a moratorium on random weapon searches in L.A. public schools. But the school district's superintendent says the policy is necessary.

A year-long investigation by USA Today revealed fundamental defects in how school officials screen teachers. Some educators with a history of serious misconduct are slipping through the cracks.

 (Indianapolis, IN) – After 50% of their school buses failed inspection, IPS says “procedures were not followed” in bus maintenance. In an exclusive interview, Deputy Superintendent…

Antoinette Tuff, a bookkeeper at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy is being credited as a life-saver and heroine for her actions dealing with a man who had snuck an AK-47 into the school. She is credited with calming suspect, Michael Brandon Hill, down and convincing him to surrender. She told ABC News Wednesday that […]