It's time to start viewing our relationships as a reflection of ourselves.

  Jacque Reid talks to Wendy Paris the author of Splitopia, about the possibility of having a happy divorce and a great relationship with your…

As your go-to girlfriend, it might sound crazy for me to point out that girlfriends, as wonderful and needed as they may be, are not…

Calling all Valentine's Day haters, lovers, and in-betweeners.

That's Beautiful

Prepare for what you truly sign up for when you suggest or decide to be party to a threesome.

People in relationships have Valentine's Day and single people now have Single Aware.


We asked R&B crooner Tank all of the questions you secretly wished you could ask him! From what is the most sensitive part on his body…


“If the only time I get along with you is when I’m inside of you, then we ain’t got no relationship.” ~Marlon Wayans This Saturday, I tuned into “It’s Not You, It’s Men,” hosted by Rev. Run and Tyrese. Marlon was one of the guests on the show about sex and intimacy. During his segment, […]

    Hip Hop legend Rev. Run and Grammy nominated singer Tyrese are the hosts of It’s Not You, It’s Men, premiering Saturday, January 23rd on OWN.…


We celebrate Iman and Bowie's union, remembering how the love they shared -- between themselves and the world -- is still transcending and inspiring.

Fighting over a man is a losing battle for every woman involved, even the one that eventually gets him. I love a good, gag-worthy reality show, and the current season of “Love & Hip Hop” has yet to disappoint. While not all of the story lines are compelling, I can’t resist tuning in! But as […]