1. Show off your natural beauty Makeup highlights your beautiful features, but don’t underestimate how much men love the natural look. Surprise him by switching between wearing makeup to flaunting your natural look. 2. Make him work for it Don’t overdo it by playing hard to get, but at the same time, don’t make it […]

In a relationship – it’s so important for a man to make his lady feel good both physically and emotionally. To emotionally please her – it’s important to encourage her to follow her dreams. Be her number one cheerleader. Here are some ways to encourage and empower your woman to be that confident queen bursting […]

Ladies – let’s face it. Men think a lot different than women. There’s a certain way you can communicate everything you want and need. Here are some examples of questions Communicate in a soft tone. Example of what not to say: Aren’t you gonna get the trash? Here’s how you should ask: Hey sweet, don’t forget […]

Ladies – next time you’re working on a home improvement project with your man – it’s important to know this It’s important to know that you must let your man lead the way. I mean – he’s not trying to be your boss – but it makes a man feel like a man if he’s […]

  Ladies – nice guys are not just nice – they’re good in a area that you will never believe. A lot of men talk the talk about how good they are but nice shy guys walk the walk – meaning they want to please you. Not only is a nice guy gonna wine you […]

  Making love should not be a chore. Making love should be the ultimate connection to bring you together as one. If you’ve lost that excitement of making love with your partner – Go back to the days you could not keep your hands off each other. Remember that’s the same person. Make it enjoyable […]

With all of the new technology today – sometimes we never really communication with our partners because we’re always on our cell phones – sending a text – checking Facebook and Twitter and checking email. When you’re together – make it a priority to put the phones down and really spend quality time with your […]

BE SUPPORTIVE. FOR EXAMPLE – IF YOUR MAN HAS DREAMS – EVEN IF THEY’RE SOMETHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND OR NOT EXACTLY GOING TO BRING HOME THE MONEY – listen to him when he talks about them. Show how much you are interested in his dreams. He will love you and never forget that you had […]

If you’ve been having trouble finding the perfect guy, who better to take advice from than Mrs. Obama herself? She wed the now President of the United States more than 20 years ago and we all know they are a power couple who seem like they couldn’t be happier. If you wanna follow in her […]

First of all if a man wants to be with you – there’s nothing that will keep them away. Men want to keep things slow at the beginning. He does not want to tell you everything in the beginning. Men hate it when they feel like they’re being interviewed when starting a relationship. He wants […]

My relationship tip of the night is this – Stop trying to change your partner to what you want them to be. You make the changes and guide. Your partner will follow your lead.  

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