Were you online today? Because if so, you probably already know that Rihanna and Drake, also known as ‘Aubrih’ dropped the “Work” video. The two…


Christmas-themed Hip-Hop songs have been around since the late ’70’s when Kurtis Blow dropped his “Christmas Rappin'” single in 1979. That paved the way for…

A British burglar broke out of jail to escape the loud hip-hop music being blasted in his wing of the prison. 58 year old Robert Stevens says he just couldn’t stand having to listen to Eminem, Jay Z and Kanye West being played over and over again. So he climbed over a security wall at […]

“Now what you hear is not a test/I’m rapping to the beat…” If you can complete not just this sentence, but the verse before and…


Here's my First Lady Video/Song Of The Day. Kurtis Blow performing "Christmas Rappin" (Live) <!--more-->


Kurtis Blow “Christmas Rappin”


Here's my First Lady Video/Song of the day. Sit back relax and let the music take control. <!--more-->