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This one is a very important word – TRUST. Ladies – give your man trust and he’ll trust you back. By doing this, it will make him give you the same respect back. So trust your man and he will trust you.

Before she hits the stage in Indy during #WES2014, get to know the beautiful Claudette Ortiz. She was originally a member of the group City High. Remember the hit, “What Would You Do?” Claudette dated both male members of City High and had two kids with Ryan Toby Her first solo single was “Can’t Get Enough” […]

Stop stressing and getting mad over the little things. There are actually too many things going on to stress over the unimportant stuff. You have someone in your life who loves you. Sometimes just let things go and enjoy this beautiful life you have with your partner.

If you’re wanting to meet that special someone, try hanging out at one of these places – coffee shops, malls, gyms and schools/places where you can take classes. Why? These are all places where people tend to be more open – meaning the perfect locations to flirt.      

Losing weight is hard. The amazing Wendy Williams has been losing weight slowly in anticipation of turning 50 on July 18. During an interview with Parade, Williams opens up about her life and how she balances it all with her super busy schedule. Parade asked, “What do you do to “encourage” someone you love to […]

If your man does this he loves you without even saying it. If he smiles after a long passionate kiss – he loves you. He looks in your eyes when you’re talking and he listens intently – he loves you. If he calls – or Sends a text message for no reason – just checking […]

My relationship tip of the night is this – Never ever say things you don’t mean in a heated argument. Sometimes it’s best to walk away – take a deep breath and then come back. Remember – sometimes if you say something that hurts that you don’t really mean – it will hurt your relationship […]

Do you want to get married? If you study and understand this one simple thing – it will happen. If you find the right guy – don’t let past relationships stop you from stopping you being the best woman you can be.  Give him respect, make him feel like he’s the man, let him love […]

First of all if a man wants to be with you – there’s nothing that will keep them away. Men want to keep things slow at the beginning. He does not want to tell you everything in the beginning. Men hate it when they feel like they’re being interviewed when starting a relationship. He wants […]

Strawberries are cool in the bedroom but are traditional. It’s 2014 and time to mix it up in that bedroom a little bit. Think of a few things that aren’t too messy but that taste really good. Use your own imagination and get creative. Me personally – I grab a box of toaster strudels. Grab […]

My relationship tip of the night is this – Stop trying to change your partner to what you want them to be. You make the changes and guide. Your partner will follow your lead.  

 A guy named Jeff cheats on his woman everytime his lady yells at him. You will not believe this story – check this out so it will not happen to you. Jeff called the radio station and told me this story so I had to share it withyou. He went on to tell me that he loves his […]