My relationship tip of the night is this - When you feel good about you - when you have you together and you're healthy - then you're able to have a great relationship. It's hard to take care of someone else when you need to be taken care of too.

You read the headline right. Stop what you’re doing right now and make time for your relationship. We all get caught up with taking care of the kids, working, spending time with our families and other obligations but’s it’s crucial for you to spend time on your relationship. You have to tend and nurture something […]

  Ladies – nice guys are not just nice – they’re good in a area that you will never believe. A lot of men talk the talk about how good they are but nice shy guys walk the walk – meaning they want to please you. Not only is a nice guy gonna wine you […]

LADIES – TREAT YOUR MAN THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Lead the way and it will show him all the things you’re looking for in a relationship. If he’s a good man – he will do the same for you.

Loverman Says: Never go to bed this way – Never go to bed mad at your partner – if you’re having some problems make sure you fix them before bedtime. If you go to bed mad – this means you’re going to continue feeling this way the next day. Remember someone has to be the bigger […]

  Making love should not be a chore. Making love should be the ultimate connection to bring you together as one. If you’ve lost that excitement of making love with your partner – Go back to the days you could not keep your hands off each other. Remember that’s the same person. Make it enjoyable […]

Ladies your future man is out there  but don’t stress over this because  he will come your way. HERE ARE A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER: Get yourself together first. When you’re ready – you have to get out of the house. Find a few places where men hang out. Just go there – flirt and […]

Loverman Says: Do this before communicating with your man – this is a lot easier than what you think. Look we all dread talking about problems in our relationship eventually you’re will have talk about them. This is very important FIRST TAKE A DEEP BREATH – and start talking to your friend – your love […]

Grammy nominated producer, singer and radio personality James Fortune will be in the house for the brand new Women’s Empowerment Series on Saturday, April 26 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum. Here’s my favorite James Fortune song – I Trust You: What’s yours? Get your #WES2014 tickets now!  

This one is a very important word – TRUST. Ladies – give your man trust and he’ll trust you back. By doing this, it will make him give you the same respect back. So trust your man and he will trust you.

Before she hits the stage in Indy during #WES2014, get to know the beautiful Claudette Ortiz. She was originally a member of the group City High. Remember the hit, “What Would You Do?” Claudette dated both male members of City High and had two kids with Ryan Toby Her first solo single was “Can’t Get Enough” […]

Stop stressing and getting mad over the little things. There are actually too many things going on to stress over the unimportant stuff. You have someone in your life who loves you. Sometimes just let things go and enjoy this beautiful life you have with your partner.