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Michael Vick owns a dog. Because he owns a dog, he is doing things some dog owners do. Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad received a tip that Vick has been attending dog training classes at a PetSmart store in New Jersey. The site posted photos which show Vick posing with a store attendant and engaged in a class of some […]

Donovan McNabb has a new day job! Unfortunately, it’s not a big return to the football field… BUT he’s still in the world of sports.   After being an All-Star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, it only makes sense for NFL Network to add McNabb to their team. The 35-year-old is slated to be a […]

ThWhew. The real refs are back. Now NFL fans can be angry at more experienced officiating instead of being angry at the replacement referees that were on the field as the league and the refs worked out a labor agreement. TV premieres abound this weekend as popular shows “Revenge”, “Homeland” and “The Good Wife” return […]

In his first start since 2006 Michael Vick overcame a high-scoring performance by the Detroit Lions to notch the Eagles first win of 2010.

Former Philadelphia Eagles QB Randall Cunningham is mourning the loss of his son Christian today.