Pew Research Center

With six weeks before the midterm elections voter enthusiasm is at its highest level for a midterm election in more than two decades.  The Pew Research Center study found that 72 percent of registered voters say that which party will control Congress is going to be a factor in their vote.  Democrats hold a ten-point […]

Across America, the median income of the middle class dropped from 55 percent in 2000, to 51 percent in 2014.

"The rent is too damn high," and more of us are being forced to pay it.

  Women are more likely to pray than men, regardless of religion.  A Pew Research Center Study looked at men and women across six major religious groups including Christians, Muslims, Jews and the unaffiliated.  Around 100 million more women identify with a particular religion than men.  Men are also more likely to be atheists.  The […]

Parents of new teenagers get ready for this the next few years… According to a new Pew Research Center study, 78-percent of girls use social media and texting to keep up with their friends.  But 84-percent of boys say they play games in-person with their friends or online.  Teens are also making new friends through […]

While the Christian share of the U.S. population is falling, it is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever—a mirror of American citizens, according to…