Telling your man your ring size is not the way to get him to marry you – THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. Number one – Aretha Franklin said it best. Men want R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Number two – men want sex. It’s just in men and we need it. So if you want to get him to marry […]

LADIES – TREAT YOUR MAN THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Lead the way and it will show him all the things you’re looking for in a relationship. If he’s a good man – he will do the same for you.

Loverman Says: You won't believe what men like more - oral sex or regular sex? During the last few weeks - I've talked to a lot of men and they're saying they want regular sex more than oral. But they like oral sex more as a treat because it's a selfless act and it shows […]

  Making love should not be a chore. Making love should be the ultimate connection to bring you together as one. If you’ve lost that excitement of making love with your partner – Go back to the days you could not keep your hands off each other. Remember that’s the same person. Make it enjoyable […]

Ladies your future man is out there  but don’t stress over this because  he will come your way. HERE ARE A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER: Get yourself together first. When you’re ready – you have to get out of the house. Find a few places where men hang out. Just go there – flirt and […]

Loverman Says: Do this before communicating with your man – this is a lot easier than what you think. Look we all dread talking about problems in our relationship eventually you’re will have talk about them. This is very important FIRST TAKE A DEEP BREATH – and start talking to your friend – your love […]

This one is a very important word – TRUST. Ladies – give your man trust and he’ll trust you back. By doing this, it will make him give you the same respect back. So trust your man and he will trust you.

If you’re wanting to meet that special someone, try hanging out at one of these places – coffee shops, malls, gyms and schools/places where you can take classes. Why? These are all places where people tend to be more open – meaning the perfect locations to flirt.      

With all of the new technology today – sometimes we never really communication with our partners because we’re always on our cell phones – sending a text – checking Facebook and Twitter and checking email. When you’re together – make it a priority to put the phones down and really spend quality time with your […]

My relationship tip of the night is this – Never ever say things you don’t mean in a heated argument. Sometimes it’s best to walk away – take a deep breath and then come back. Remember – sometimes if you say something that hurts that you don’t really mean – it will hurt your relationship […]

Strawberries are cool in the bedroom but are traditional. It’s 2014 and time to mix it up in that bedroom a little bit. Think of a few things that aren’t too messy but that taste really good. Use your own imagination and get creative. Me personally – I grab a box of toaster strudels. Grab […]