They are planning to make changes in an effort to diversify their board and nominations in the future.


Randomly running across superstars in Los Angeles is inevitable, particularly if you work at LAX. Apparently one airport shuttle driver didn’t get the memo, though.…

  LOS ANGELES (RNN) – A shooting suspect involved in the wounding of multiple people at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning has been…

Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport has been evacuated as witnesses reported that they heard gunfire. Few details were immediately released, but CNN reports that there was an evacuation at Terminal 3, as well as multiple injuries. Reports are also coming in that there may have been at least one gunman with an assault rifle. On […]


A dry ice bomb exploded at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Sunday evening, causing some flights to be halted and a bomb squad to be…

Kanye West is notoriously private and against the paparazzi invading his space. He’s been especially on edge lately, and he allegedly took a few swings at a photographer who was asking too many questions on July 19. Kanye allegedly asked an “especially aggressive” photographer not to ask him any questions upon his arrival at LAX Airport […]

Nene Leakes was in LAX airport and just did NOT wanna be bothered. The first look she gives the TMZ cameraman is priceless…and then, he proceeds to put his foot even further in his mouth. See the video below…   File under: ‘They all look alike’. Video source: TMZ Follow @1067WTLC on Twitter

Christina Milian was spotted arriving at LAX airport with newborn daughter Violet recently.  These are the first pics of mother and daughter out and about.