The honorable Judge Greg Mathis made a bold claim against many Black men who he feel were lacking on the BLM protest frontlines.

Judge Greg Mathis will host a special forum in Flint, Michigan to address residents legal rights during the water crisis

Judge Greg Mathis is successful without a doubt – he’s into his 16th  seasons as a TV judge. But it wasn’t always that way. He…

While many were untying the bows on their Easter baskets Sunday, Mekhi Phifer was tying the knot. The former “ER” actor, 38, wed longtime girlfriend Reshelet Barnes in an intimate Beverly Hills ceremony. About 100 friends and family members attended, including Phifer’s son, who walked down the aisle with their Chihuahua. Phifer entered to Stevie Wonder’s […]

Every night is reality TV night on not just the Big Four networks, but nearly every cable outlet, and some of them are not getting…

Michael can truly bring anyone on earth out and his memorial service was no different. Check out a few words from Judge Greg Mathis and Comedian Eddie Griffin Judge Greg Mathis Comedian Eddie Griffin

We all know Judge Greg Mathis from his TV Court show, but do we really know Judge Greg Mathis? Check out his story of triumph here.