John McCain

Senator John McCain is admitting that American leadership was stronger under former President Obama. Speaking with Britain’s “The Guardian” newspaper, the Arizona Republican said President Trump was sending a message that America doesn’t want to lead when he posted tweets criticizing London’s mayor after that city’s recent terror attack. McCain was a frequent critic of […]

In the wake of Trump's election, we can't ignore the impact of voter suppression and the number of White women voters who supported Trump.

Trump's refusal to throw his support behind Ryan and McCain signifies further tension within the GOP--recently highlighted at the RNC two weeks ago.

With the general election less than 100 days away, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has once again thrown his party into turmoil, escalating a war of words with Muslim parents who spoke at the Democratic National Convention. So bad were Trump’s recent attacks against Khizr and Ghazala Khan, that Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, “a respected figure on national […]

For three months, the Apache have been occupying a “holy” area of Arizona to protest the government selling the land to a private, foreign mining company…

How many times does a person have to prove himself wrong about a situation before a booking agent suggests to his or her boss, “You…

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) may have come across as a few cards short of a deck in the twilight hours of the 2008 presidential showdown…

Name calling among politicians and their supporters and opponents is nothing new. The level of the venom, however, often is much higher when an underlying hatred based on race is at work. So when incumbent President George W. Bush made fun of opponent Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) for “flip-flopping” positions on the war in Iraq, […]

Some folks make themselves very hard to like.  Ann Coulter appears to be one of those people.  The right wing pitbull for everything conservative used to be adored by so many within the Republican Party.  Yet over the last few years her rants have alienated her even from some of the most dedicated in her […]

Washington (FinancialTimes)– According to the Financial Times, George W. Bush told a group of British dignitaries who asked him about his preference of candidates in the 2008 presidential election between Barack Obama and John McCain, that he would’ve endorsed Obama if Obama asked him to. When asked about McCain they claim he said: Not a […]

I know the National Enquirer might not carry the same weight as the New York Times. But in terms of political sex scandals they have a good track record. Let’s remember that they broke the John Edwards Affair. They were also one of the media’s main sources for the Clinton/Lewinsky Affair According to The Enquirer, […]