Vincent M. Keenan, Detroit political activist and proponent of the recently adopted new city charter, writes in the HuffingtonPost that the beleaguered, nearly-bankrupt metropolis has just turned a very important corner: Last Tuesday, the new Charter was adopted. It contains ethics reform and enforcement and anticipates policing the complexities of public-private partnerships like the Woodward […]

Detroit Mayor David Bing held a press conference yesterday detailing the struggling city’s financial troubles. The city of Detroit is on the brink of bankruptcy and Bing vowed emergency budget cuts to avoid an emergency takeover of the city. See Also: Bradley Cooper Named Sexiest Man Alive See Also: Occupy Wall Street Film “Simply put, […]

In Detroit, where a large number of the city’s unemployed are either on probation or on parole, the city recently held an “Offenders Only” Job Fair in an effort to put its ex-convicts back to work. Organized by Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh, the job fair featured hundreds of job openings available only to […]

Call them riots or civil insurrections, when a disenfranchised population is triggered by an event that symbolizes their shared grievances, the consequences can be the unleashing of years of suppressed frustration and rage. While it is common for governments to blame the rioters, a detailed look at the causes show that the law and law […]

DETROIT — F-16 Fighter jets followed a flight traveling from Denver to Detroit due to the suspicious behavior of three people who kept on going to the bathroom for extended periods of time. Police officers entered the plane when it landed in Detroit and detained three passengers who were questioned by the FBI. WXYZ reports: […]

Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin will once again serenade President Obama when she performs before his speech on jobs and the economy on Monday in Detroit. Franklin, a Detroit native, also welcomed Obama to the White house when she sung “Let Freedom Ring” at his inauguration in Jan. 2009. Her performance will be held at […]

The city of Detroit is offering about 200 free and reduced price homes to police officers living outside the city limits in attempt to revitalize the city. Detroit is seeing a housing crisis that was sparked by a huge decline in the population. The city’s population decreased 25% in the past decade, according to Census […]

While Detroit was once a shining emblem of American ingenuity and industry, the Motor City is now facing a $155 million deficit, a declining population and struggling to survive the nations economic downturn. At the same time, America is facing similar peril _ joblessness, deficit, and national sense that things are not getting better. The […]

While America’s economic turmoil has impacted the entire nation, Black businesses seem to be some of the most severely affected. Today, in the U.S., there are half as many Black-owned car dealerships than there were three years ago. Automotive News details the industrywide decline. Black dealers have taken a disproportionate hit — “drastic” in the […]

DETROIT–Magic Johnson said via Twitter that he plans to create jobs in his hometown Detroit. He teased that he will also be making a “big announcement” in the near future. A second tweet read, “Look forward to help putting people back to work in my home state.” Read More At RELATED: Magic Johnson Brings […]

DETROIT — Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was caught in an infidelity scandal, tells his side of the story in his new book, “Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Malik Kilpatrick.” Kilpatrick, who was the youngest mayor elected to office, seeks to set the record straight about many accusations made against him […]

Detroit’s 105.9 KISS-FM and many kiss listeners honored Michael Jackson on Saturday with a special ‘flash mob’ gathering to commemorate the anniversary of his passing. Although they ran into a few unhappy security guards, the crowds were in awe as the ‘Kiss Krew’ took over the streets of Detroit dancing to a mash up of […]