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Hate Crime Charge Considered Against White Supremacist Who Ran Over Black Teen

American Nazi Party Holds Rally At Valley Forge

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Oregon authorities are looking whether the death of an African-American teen by an alleged white supremacist is a hate crime. According to the Huffington Post, Russell Courtier, a 38-year-old ex-con  and his girlfriend, 35-year-old Colleen Hunt, have been charged with murder in the hit-and-run that killed 19-year-old Larnell Malik Bruce Jr.

“That’s currently the subject of the ongoing active investigation,” Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Don Rees told The Huff Po.

In August, Bruce was charging his cellphone at a 7-Eleven when Courtier and Hunt pulled into the store’s parking lot. Not too long after, Bruce and Courtier got into an argument, which led to a brawl. After having his head slammed into the store window, Bruce took out a machete which forced Coutier to run back to his car. From there a witness said they heard Hunt tell Courtier to run Bruce over. According to surveillance footage, Bruce ran away, Courtier chased him down the street.

Later on, Bruce’s body was later found in the street dead.

Courtier and Hunt, who are being held without bond, have plead not guilty and are expected to appear in court again on Oct. 3. Whether Courtier ran over Bruce because he was black remains to be seen.

“In terms of a sentence, the murder charge is really the big bang,” Rees said. “In Oregon we have mandatory sentencing in place, so if convicted of murder the defendant must receive ― it’s non-discretionary with the court ― a life sentence. Having said that, the [hate crime] angle is under investigation, but I don’t want people to have the illusion this person is getting away with anything at this point.”

Frank Ocean’s Mom Just Dropped A Sunscreen For Folks With Melanin

Review of r&b crooner Frank Ocean's debut Los Angeles showat the El Rey Theatre on Nov. 15, 2011 in

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Frank Ocean’s mother gives us life with her hilarious monologues on her son’s albums and now she giving us a new line of sunscreen for people of color.

UnSun, Katonya Breaux’s new line, “a lightweight broad spectrum face sunscreen that is perfectly mineral tinted to blend in with multiple skin tones that range from fair to olive to the darkest of chocolate.” According to The Cut, she created the product after being frustrated with traditional sunscreen when her doctor told her she had sun damage.

“Shortly after that, I called a friend of mine in the hair-care business and asked if I could meet the folks at their lab. That’s how the whole process started,” she told The Cut.

“I had to become educated on OTC and creating a sunscreen and all of the testing and everything that’s involved and two years later we got it done. We created a really great formulation, all naturally derived. We went back and forth, making sure it was tinted just perfectly and that it would be universal,” she added.

She also plans on expanding her line down the road.

“We have a body product in the works. We’re trying really hard to create something with more shea butter that’s more moisturizing, and that carries an SPF factor. We’re working on that now, as well as an SPF lip product,” she added.

Congrats Katonya!

Protests Heat Up In Detroit As Trump Courts Black Voters During Church Visit

No Donald Trump

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While Donald Trump was clapping and swaying at a Black church in Detroit on Saturday, local residents were not here for it.

According to NBC, dozens of protestors parked outside Great Faith International Ministries holding “No Trump!” signs and saying, “No hate in the White House.” Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan wasn’t having it either, telling reporters that Trump’s visit felt like a “Madison Avenue image makeover,” and like he’s watching the “next season of ‘The Apprentice.’”

On the inside, Trump, joined by Ben Carson, Omarosa Manigaul and Katrina Parker, addressed disparity and raising employment rates in the area by turning them against immigrants.

“We’re going to bring jobs back,” Trump said. “Taking them back from Mexico and everywhere else.”

“We are all bound together, and I see this today,” Trump said during his speech. “This has been an amazing day for me.”

Time will tell is his new tempered tone and efforts to address African-Americans will bolster his historically low Black support, but one woman told NBC that he may be on to something.

“I don’t know that Mr. Trump needs to change. I think the African-American community needs to change their lens and perspective,” said 41-year-old Carletta Griffin. “We’ve been loyal to the Democratic Party, what has that gotten us? Mr. Trump asked a very poignant question: What do we have to lose?” she added.

Girl, a whole lot.

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