If there wasn’t a Donald Byrd, there would be no Will Downing. Plain and simple. The legendary trumpeter may have passed away in February, but his influence flows alive and well in Downing, who clearly remembers how Byrd’s appearance with his 125th Street band at a music class he took at Virginia Union University put him on the […]

When life comes at you fast and furious, the last thing you want to do is make things even harder on yourself. Need some stress relief? Start by avoiding these eight traps: Mistake #1: Skipping Your Morning Joe Too many cups of coffee make you feel as restless as a puppet and as highly strung. […]

  Even a rock-star employee (ahem, that’s you) can use a little assist sometimes. These savvy tactics make it easy to send out an SOS without feeling like a total loser. Your worry: People will think I have no clue about what I’m doing. Why you shouldn’t sweat it: You’ll come off as more flaky if you […]

Mastering appropriate assertiveness is a must for getting your ideas noticed and earning the respect of clients, superiors, and co-workers. However, figuring out exactly how assertive to be can be tricky. Get too confrontational, and women look pushy. Fall back on traditional female communication styles, and we look like doormats. For a little guidance on […]

A lieutenant in the Dallas Police Department who goes by the name “Lucille Baller” when she promotes herself as a recording artist promises to shoot anyone who messes with her in a rap song that was posted on her website. “Don’t push Ms. Lucy because you won’t like the consequences,” Dallas Police Lt. Regina Smith […]

(Yahoo! Shine) In today’s workplace, talent should be complemented with appropriate fashion. Here a couple of things to leave in the closet when dressing for work: TOO SEXY FOR WORK Good rule of thumb: Your skirt is too short when your hands reach farther than your hemline while standing. Other office no-no’s: cleavage, bra straps, […]

With unemployment at 7.8%, most of TJMS listeners have jobs, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy with them. A recent study by UC, Berkley found that only 48% of participants said they were “very satisfied” with their work. That said, that same study also found that people WANT to work. When asked if they had […]

Job interviews are nerve-racking and an interview that goes badly can turn even the most confident person into a sobbing mess. Hopefully, these 16 tips…

Just another reason to use discretion when posting to Facebook. Some employers have started asking their employees for the passwords to their Facebook accounts. The practice caught the eye of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) when the Maryland Department of Corrections (DOC) asked applicants to log into their profiles and click through private messages, […]

Janet Jackson is expected to open up with ABC anchor Robin Roberts in an exclusive primetime ABC special event. Slated to air November 18 on the network, sources say Jackson could talk everything from the death of her brother, Michael Jackson, to recent changes in her career. The interview itself has not been conducted as of press time, sources close to ABC say an official an ...