Pharrell Williams has admitted his feelings were hurt when he was sued over chart-topping hit Blurred Lines, because he’d “never take anything from anyone”. Marvin Gaye’s heirs took Pharrell and Robin Thicke, who co-wrote and performed on the song, to court in 2015 after accusing them of copying their late father’s 1977 song Got to […]

According to TMZ Robin Thicke who just lost 7.3 million in a court battle with Marvin Gaye's family - According to TMZ he didn't go downhill and crawl into a hole of depression instead he celebratedhis 38th birthday with half naked hot chicks at his blowout 38th birthday party Tuesday night - It started at […]

How do you celebrate the end of VERY public marriage? …You throw a tricked out divorce party of course! Rumor has it, Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke eased the pain of his ongoing divorce from Paula Patton, by throwing him self a helluva-bash at his home in Los Angeles. According to Page Six, the evening included his celebrity friend Leo DiCaprio and a ton of […]

When it comes to getting his girl back, it’s been a few weeks since Robin Thicke made any public proclamations of his love. Probably because he’s been working on a master plan to win her over for good. Word has it the “Blurred Lines” singer is going to debut his newest song at the Billboard […]

Paula Patton has finally spoken about her shocking and high profile breakup with Robin Thicke. The two married in 2005 and announced their separation in 2014. In the June 2014 issue of “Vanity Fair” , the Baggage Claim actress opened up on the breakup. “We’ve known each other since we were teenagers. All I can tell you […]

It’s been about a month since “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton announced their separation after being together for 21 years. “People” magazine caught up with the R&B crooner who said he and Paula are “very happy right now.”  Does that mean they’re working it out? Who knows. But we will know by […]

Robin Thicke, Robin Thicke… The “Blurred Lines” singer was seen crossing some of these lines with a mystery woman in a nightspot in Paris. One picture is pretty innocent and just shows the two having a good time. But it’s another flick that has me raising my eyebrows because Thicke and the woman look like they […]

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the copyright lawsuit between Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye‘s Family has concluded via a settlement among some of the respective parties involved . Thicke initially claims that “Blurred Lines wasn’t an improper version of Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” Gaye’s children responded to the lawsuit with counterclaims against Thicke and […]