Add Home Depot to the list of retailers not opening for Black Friday this year. The home improvement chain will take an alternate route by offering the typical one-day sale prices for two months. The company said the deals will be available in-person and online from November to December, with mobile app customers getting first […]


Is buying gifts for your loved ones leaving you broke?

Don't worry about navigating the Internet, just focus on the deals and sales. #TeamBeautiful did the work for you.


Roland Martin and NewsOne Now took one last look back at the year that was with the NewsOne Now Memorable Moments Special. Check out a few of those moments below. Controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Talks Black Lives Matter, Racist Cops, & More In a highly contested and confrontational interview, Roland Martin, host of TV One’s […]

An officer from Portland, OR. was pulled from the patrolling a Black Friday protest after he condemned Black Lives Matter on Twitter.

Sales in brick and mortar stores fell from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015. That's an overall 10 percent decrease in sales, a consequence of both stores offering sales days earlier and online sales that allowed consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes.

People go nuts on Black Friday, but what you better not do–EVER–is mess with someone’s baby. While most people are still snacking on the left overs of Thanksgiving dinner, hardcore holiday shoppers are running to stores and losing their minds. It’s almost expected that we’ll see video of people trampling each other and duking it […]

A viral video of a woman snatching a vegetable steamer out of a child's hands has circulated the web and has viewers questioning its authenticity.

In an effort to both show the power of their economic freedom while calling for a Justice Department probe into the shooting death of a Black teenager by a White police officer, Chicago protesters planned a large demonstration on the city's Magnificent Mile to disrupt the Black Friday holiday.

That's Beautiful

As millions of Americans hit stores around the nation, why not use your dollars to support Black-owned businesses?

Davis, who has been on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement for some time, understands that Jordan is just one story of many in America. For him, the most immediate change can come on Black Friday, the third anniversary of Jordan's death.


It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we’re breaking down all of the crazy stories trending in this week’s news. We begin the list of…