The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and Indy10 Black Lives Matter sued the City of Indianapolis on Thursday for the use of chemical agents and projectiles on protesters demonstrating against police brutality.

The parents maintain that the child's name has nothing to do with religion.

@kwellscomm News & Sports  — A rally based on inclusion and belonging is being held in Indianapolis on this busy Friday as the Inauguration and swearing-in of the 45th American president is underway in Washington D.C. Local organizers say this rally is, “intended to celebrate and affirm Indy as a welcoming and supportive community.” It’s a […]

Chicago's murder rate has spiked to a 20-year high and one city alderman blames it on residents speaking out against injustice.

In a joint complaint, the NAACP and two disabled Black students accuse Richmond, Virginia Schools of Discrimination. The U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights Division is evaluating the allegations.

A federal judge suspends school board elections in Ferguson, Missouri. He said the process discriminates against Black voters.

The African-American women say their only crime was "standing in an establishment while Black.”

The criticism against the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois began in January when the non-profit organization teamed up with the Chicago Police Department to monitor police stops with the help of contact cards and thorough reports on incidents between officers and civilians.

For years, the Ku Klux Klan have fought to be included in Georgia's "Adopt-A-Highway" program and now they have an unlikely ally.

A new report from the Ohio ACLU details a growing problem in prison, where inmates are forced to pay fees while incarcerated. From the ACLU…

Indiana state law bans taking selfies at the ballot box and the ACLU is fighting back; folks in Naptown are having a problem with a community leader’s “stop and frisk” solution to crime fighting; a deadly storm is gaining momentum during hurricane season. I have all these local stories, national headlines and more on what you […]

A video of a Kentucky officer restraining an eight-year-old boy in handcuffs for over 15 minutes is the focus of a lawsuit enacted by the…