Hillary Clinton is focused on re-energizing a critical voting bloc in Ohio and Florida to help win the White House: Black folks. Polls show Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are locked in tight races in Ohio and Florida where turnout among African-Americans and Hispanics could help decide the election. Clinton needs these two states to reach […]

      With a presidential race that is tightening up as we get closer to the election, Democratic voters were certainly concerned about the health of their nominee, former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton stumbled and was rushed into a waiting car at a 9/11 memorial event on Sunday, leading to renewed concerns […]

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak to a coalition of Black and Hispanic journalists on Friday in her continued efforts to court voters of color and secure the White House in November. The Democratic nominee for president is on track to become the first female president but she needs broad and solid support from African-American, […]

Donald Trump enjoys promoting the politics of fear. In his doom-and-gloom view of America, Trump, during his acceptance speech for President, put panic in the hearts of many Americans by portraying this republic as a dangerous place in “crisis” and where “crime is through the roof” in inner cities across the country. Once again, Trump […]

As the world continues to mourn all the lives lost in Orlando, Florida as a result of this past weekend's mass shooting, Donald Trump appears to be using the horrific event as a tool in his political fight against Democrats.

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton may not drink the Kool-Aid, but she definitely has tried some lemonade. She told TV host Ellen DeGeneres that she has seen some part of Beyoncè’s Lemonade visual album and she likes it. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she’s a fan of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” visual album as the […]

Is Hillary Clinton getting desperate? Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nomination, appears to have momentarily shifted her campaign strategy from the high road to the low road — or at least an ill-advised path. At a campaign rally in Bowling Green, Kentucky days before Tuesday’s primary, Clinton impersonated Donald Trump, mocking the presumptive […]

  Political Analyst Ken Smukler recaps the New York primaries and the road to the White House. Click the link above to hear the funny!

The Brooklynite, activists and celebs sound off on why this candidate is their number one choice for the White House.

The awkward, racially-charged joke by Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about Black folks wasn’t funny. At least I…

Nicole Bell believes that the Democratic presidential candidate will stand up to gun lobbyists, help end racial profiling and invest in properly training police officers.


This year, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) celebrates its 55th anniversary. We are in our emerald year of providing God’s work around the…