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INDIANAPOLIS–Police in Indianapolis say they shut down an illegal nightclub that was operating inside a home on city’s west side.

In 2023, IMPD says they got over 40 calls to 3057 Lupine Drive. That’s near the intersection of W. 34th street and North High School Road.

“At about 3 am is when it would open. That’s when the bars would shut down. You’d see a caravan of cars leaving the bars and then come to this residence,” said IMPD Captain Bill Carter.

Carter says they calls about disturbances, loud music, people being assaulted, and shots fired.

“We had pictures and complaints of people urinating in the streets in front of the houses. The trash and beer cans would be thrown up and down the street,” said Carter.

Carter said it got to the point where the neighbors said they just expected to be awake at 3 am all the time on weekends.

“The neighbors near that residence feel that they are no longer prisoners in their own home. They’re thanking us. If these people try and open this ‘nightclub’ again, then we’re going to go right back after them,” said Carter.

A search warrant was executed on the home by the Indianapolis Alcohol Task Force on Friday January 19, 2024. The Task Force shut the nightclub down. The announcement about the execution of the warrant was made Monday.

“This task force is comprised of IMPD, Indiana State Excise Police, Indiana Department of Revenue, Marion County Public Health Department, Code Enforcement, and state and local fire departments.  During the search warrant, over 1200 bottles of alcohol along with narcotics, cash, and documents supporting nightclub operation were seized,” said in a Monday afternoon news release.

Carter says they have not made any arrests yet, but they plan to make arrests soon.

“But the case will be presented to the prosecutor’s office for the people who were operating the location. Obviously, we’ll be seeking criminal offenses. One of those charges will be maintaining a common nuisance,” said Carter.

Anyone with any information about this incident should contact Detective Tiffany Mastin at the IMPD Nuisance and Abatement Office at 317-327-6169. 

Here is the full interview with IMPD Captain Bill Carter.

Here are pictures of everything IMPD says they confiscated.


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