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Darryl Lynn \"D. L.\" Hughley (born March 6, 1963) is an American actor, political commentator, radio host and stand-up comedian. D.L. Hughley is best known as the original host of BET\'s ComicView from 1992-1993, the eponymous character on the ABC/UPN sitcom The Hughleys and performed in The Original Kings of Comedy. Additionally, he has been the host of CNN\'s D. L. Hughley Breaks the News, a correspondent for The Jay Leno Show on NBC, and a local radio personality and interviewer in New York City. In early 2013, D.L. Hughley landed in 9th place on Dancing with the Stars.

Today a man was laid to rest after his passing however is memory and spirit will live forever in history books for generations to come. On January 22, 2021 MLB baseball legend, Henry Louis Aaron AKA Hammerin Hank Aaron, passed away a the age 86.  Today Hank Aaron was laid to rest in a private […]

What an amazing year it is so far in 2021, Agent Orange has been evicted, now a sista is making NFL history on many first’s, by becoming the first woman of color to become an assistant coach. Wow, it just seemed like yesterday that professional athletes were pitching a fit about female reporters being in […]

Mike Lindell has now become known for more than being the CEO of the popular MyPillow products. He has also been a diehard supporter of former President Donald Trump and was one of the those who was seeking to encourage the use of “martial law” to have Trump serve another term in office regardless of […]

Talk about reaching a new low, especially when it comes to mother and daughter relationships. Kellyanne Conway, who was once a counselor to Donald Trump when he was President of the United States, was trending recently on Twitter, along with her daughter Claudia.   Yet, they were both trending for all the wrong reasons. From Bossip: […]

WOW, Wendy, How you doin!?  What a mess!! Let’s call a spade a spade Wendy Williams is the Queen of spilling steaming hot piping tea, however her life away from the mic or the television camera never seemed to make it into the tea bag. Well now apparently with the upcoming movie and documentary, ‘Wendy […]

‘The Simpsons’ has become a cultural institution along being one of the funniest shows in the history of television. It also has “a knack for churning out prophetic episodes” where a lot of events turn out to be true, especially Donald Trump’s presidency. Now there is another symbolic moment from the show that apparently has […]

President Joe Biden has only been in office since Jan. 20 and already a member of Congress wants him impeached. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is one of the many believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, had announced she would file articles of impeachment against President Biden. From Uproxx: Sure enough, on his first […]

Over 1 million views were pumped to watch the classic showdown of Keyshia Cole vs. Ashanti last night after COVID-19 derailed the original event but with further delay (Keyshia Cole was an hour late) the main event did finally go down. Working music fans were either late this morning or tired as hell because once […]

22 year old Los Angeles native, Amanda Gorman said she was a skinny black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother, can dream of becoming president only to find herself reciting for one.  Amanda Gorman’s literary manifestation was that she was making history by being the youngest poet to recite at a […]

One of Warner Bros.’ most important directors has decided to call it quits with the studio over the move to have its 2021 movie slate on its streaming service HBO Max. Christopher Nolan, best known for his ‘Batman’ films, has “ended his working relationship” with Warner, according to reports. He is now searching for a […]

You have to have a special somethin somethin in your spirit to even want to cover anything sang be the late great Whitney Houston, but your lyrical anointing would have to be off the charts to stand flat footed and actually pull it off.  Now imagine the dynamic duo of Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans […]

Rapper Lil Wayne was one of over 100 individuals who received a pardon or a sentenced commuted from Donald Trump during the latter’s last full-day of his Presidency. There were those that felt that Wayne’s pardon was a result of a possible deal that involved the “Bring It Back” artist endorsing Trump as part of […]