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Nicki Minaj is featured in the latest issue of YRB magazine, where she talks about her “competition,” her “breakout” moment and her new album “Pink Friday,” due November 22.

On Female Rappers Who Don’t Support Her

“These girls aren’t mad at me. They’re mad at themselves,” she states, shooting down questions on why she never took Kim’s bait. “[It’s] jealousy, insecurity and being broke. When you haven’t capitalized and you see I’m about to capitalize on this sh*t like it’s never been done before, then you’re mad at yourself.”

On “Monster” Being The Pivotal Moment In Her Career

“That has to be the breakout Nicki Minaj moment. That was my moment. People paid attention because of who was on it and because I held my own and I stayed true to my crazy animation, and it’s like I didn’t have to take my fun stuff out. I was able to incorporate Nicki Minaj on a record with Jay-Z and Kanye West. And I think people know that’s a difficult task in itself.”

On “Pink Friday”

“I know that Pink Friday is a classic album. I have never been this proud of anything in my life. I just think that it’s such a dynamic body of work. I’m no longer afraid to drop it. Now, I know it’s time.”

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