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commint 2Once you have committed yourself to doing something, you might be afraid of not being able to deliver. It is certainly wise to think before you commit. If you are savvy of what you are committing to, there should be no worry.

If you have to study the material and to learn about the fact of this commitment, do it. Only by doing so will you overcome your fear. Once you are clear about what you have to do in order to fulfill the commitment, there is only the question of the how.

The best way to overcome your fear is to write down every single step to be taken. In other words, make yourself a plan of these steps that you have to take in order to reach your goal. It helps a lot to be clear about what you have to do. A plan is like a guide that shows you the way. A plan can always be modified in the course of the actions to be taken.

It is possible that, for the good outcome actions have to be changed. Adapt your plan.This will help you reach your goal with more ease. Take your time to set up the plan and think over the various steps before you take action. It is easier to modify the plan once it is set up than act without a real direction.

You will see that in the course of the task to reach your commitment, you will be glad to have set up a plan. This will diminish your fear and you can even let go of it completely.

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