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Many times couple’s find themselves having routine sex that begins to seem very ordinary and routine. To make love making sessions a lot more fun, it is a great idea to put a spark back into the bedroom.

I will teach you some great methods to make things start sparking again while making love. My goal is to bring more emotion and feeling back into your relationship as well!



Buy some new sexy outfits or lingerie. They don’t have to be trashy, but something a little revealing goes a long way.

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    Try some different sexual positions that both of you will enjoy.

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    Light candles all over the room which can set a very unique mood. One of you must light the candles yourself so that it will not be cheesy.

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    Lose a little weight so that you will seem concerned with how your spouse sees you.

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    Take a romantic bath, romantic shower before you make love.

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    Bring kissing back. Have great long make out and teasing sessions before ever having sex.