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Surprise your woman every now and then. A woman loves nothing more than to be completely caught off guard by her lover. You could get her a card, flowers, a massage, dinner, spa treatment, note, or something else she loves.

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    Plan weekly dates. If you have kids, make sure you’ve got a sitter lined up. Try to do something different each week. If that’s not possible, at least vary the activity every other week. Your lady definitely won’t get bored if you appear to be making an effort.

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    Show her you care. Help her out with things when she looks like she’s had a rough day. This will let her know that you pay attention to her needs.

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    Get involved in activities she enjoys. Any woman would love to share things she is passionate about with someone she loves.

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    Talk to her. Ask her what she would like you to do to keep her from getting bored, if she does continue to feel this way.

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