Inspire U: The Podcast
Step 1

First thing you need to do is put your arms around you lady while you sleep and hold her close to you. This makes your woman feel secure and safe. Most couples probably sleep with thier back towards each other every night. As you put your arms around her while you sleep get real close to her so she can feel your body up against hers. Sometimes its better to hold your women and not expect sex. This is one of the best things because it shows her evertime you hold her you don’t expect sex. She will remember this in the morning especially if she wakes up with your arms around her. Today you are going to do this just to show her you will always be there for her. Do you know how many women just want a man to hold them at night.

  • Step 2

    Next you need to get up earlier than usual and clean the house and serve your woman breakfast in bed. Don’t just throw things together take your time and even try to decorate her plate. When you wake up her give a kiss and tell her how special she is to you. If you have enough time write her a poem just to let her know she’s special. Tell her something like I stopped bye to let you know. I married and angel with, perfections glow. First you fine tuned my heart, to let it melt like snow, and now I jump rainbows just to be in love with you forever more. This is how you soften any resentment or negative feelings she may have had for you. If you cant write poems write down 10 things you love about her.

  • Step 3

    All throughout the day do what she wants. Ask her first thing in the morning what can I do to make your day perfect. Let her know today I don’t want you to cook or clean I just want you to be my queen. Clean the house for her the entire day and cook or take her out to eat. Continue to kiss her and let her know how much you love her. Take out to get her toe, nails, and her done. She will not know what to think. Your lady will probably be saying to herself who is this man I married I hope he stays. When you go out in public open doors for her, and hold her hands. Give her a kiss as she get’s out the car. Kiss her in public as well. There plenty of women out there that would love for their man to kiss them in public. Why don’t enough men do this. If you don’t soomeone else will. Hint Hint!!

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