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All right ladies here we go, the 10 Biggest Lies Men Tell About Sex & Love

To avoid conflict—because women are often unhappy about hearing the truth when they ask a question— most men tell women exactly what they want to hear. Any relationship is based on an exchange of goods and services, and most men will say whatever is necessary to keep a women happy, get them off their backs, and get more sex, including:

1. “I’d never cheat on you.”

2. “I would never go/have never been to a strip club.”

3. “I’m not into that sort of thing.”

4. “I’ve never thought about hooking up with your friends.”

5. “I’m not interested in porn.”

6. “I’ve never imagined getting intimate with that chick in reception.”

7. “I’m happy to give up my life for you.”

8. “I don’t think about sex with every woman I meet.”

9. “I wasn’t looking at her boobs.”

10. “I’d never lie to you.”