Tips On How To Spot A Good Man

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By Angelica

 1. They are patient and calm while waiting on a long line at a store.

2.  They give you the best pillow to sleep on, and take the less comfy one.

3.  They have or had a close, warm relationship with a grand-parent, aunt or uncle.

4.  They pick up your call when they’re on the phone with their best buddy, and without any shame or hesitation say “I gotta go man, my girl is calling…”  End of call.

5.  They are pleasant, respectful and appropriate with cashiers at supermarkets or waiters/waitresses in restaurants.

6.  They feel comfortable talking about difficult childhood experiences, and they do so in a compassionate and forgiving way, often saying “She did the best she could…”

7.  They get along well with their sisters (if they have any) or brothers (if they don’t have sisters).

8.  They think outside the box.  They’re open-minded and respect how other people think and live their lives.

9.  They remove with their hands a fallen eye-lash from your face, instead of pointing out that you have an eye-lash “over there…take it off...”

10.  They remember your important (and not so important) events in your daily life, and they tend to ask with genuine interest: “So how did it go today…”

11.  They tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.