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Some time last week, a Mister Softee truck found his regular spot on West 60th near Broadway occupied by a competitor. A generic Softee ice cream truck, according to a witness.

The Mister Softee driver was not too pleased with this. He exited his truck and began shaking the Softee truck. He then came around near the service window of his competitor to spew vitriol and racial slurs, as heard on the video. That was about all the Softee ice cream vendor could take, who then exited his vehicle for a round of fisticuffs.

This isn’t the first time ice cream truck vendors have lost their cool in the heat. The NYPD reportedly cracked down last month after a vendor allegedly attacked a police officer. A Mister Softee driver was also the instigator in a fight that occurred on 50th Street and 6th Avenue just 12 days ago. And it’s not just ice cream trucks who face threats, food trucks have had their share of run-ins with the police and competitors as well. Source:…