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Rev. Al Sharpton’s ex-wife Kathy Jordan, 53, and his oldest daughter, Dominique, 23, were arrested in Manhattan

Friday night for resisting arrest after speeding past a patrol car and through a red light on Eighth Avenue in Harlem, according to the NY Daily News. Sources said as the officers attempted to issue the women a summons for the traffic violation, the pair became belligerent, arguing that they were only trying to get around the squad car that was driving too slow.

Sources said Dominique was the driver and argued against the summons, which led to disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration charges. They were issued desk appearance tickets and allowed to go home. Rev. Al weighed in through his lawyer Michael Hardy who said, “How what was apparently a minor traffic dispute ended up with two arrests with desk appearance tickets is highly questionable and unusual.

According to Hardy, Dominique Sharpton called her mother, who rushed to the scene and found her daughter handcuffed and in the back of a police car. Rev. Sharpton took to Twitter to voice his anger over the incident. He said, “I cannot imagine how two unarmed women with no record, could be taken in cuffs from a traffic dispute with NO personal or property damage involved.” He added, “Well this is what we deal with everyday. We will never accept unfairness.”