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Source: Amos Brown / Amos Brown WTLC

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) says it will devote roughly $14 million to help repair Indianapolis streets damaged by vehicles detouring around North Split construction.

WRTV’s Investigation “Detour Damage” showed how the North Split construction project is taking its toll — detouring cars and trucks are causing damage to city streets, light poles and crosswalks.

INDOT Commissioner Mike Smith responded to questions from WRTV Investigates in a news conference on May 12.

“In terms of kind of detour routes and taking care of local networks, I think it’s about $14 million that we plan to invest to repair local streets,” said Smith. “West Street is one of those streets that received a lot of that detour traffic. So, we are going to spend a lot of time repairing some of those roads and bringing them back to good condition.”

INDOT has already fixed a concrete wheelchair ramp at the intersection of Washington and Rural.

Instead of using the I-465 detour around North Split construction, WRTV Investigates found cars and trucks opted to use city streets instead—and the extra traffic caused damage to city streets and city property.

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