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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Pacers and the Indy CARES program are reaching out to young people to invest in their futures.

“We need everybody to step up, step up to the plate to help out community. Our kids are dying, and they are dying at a young age,” said Sgt. Deon Harris.

Through haircuts and pizza, more groups are creating a space for youth to talk.

“Fresh line, fresh haircut, build your confidence. It gets your day going and get you started,” said KJ Hicks, Owner of Faded Dreams Barber Salon.  “The barbershop is probably one of the best places to be for men in our community to just open up and have a free conversation,”

Pacers forward Jalen “Stix” Smith. along with the Indiana Fever’s Danielle Robinson and Emily Engstler surprised the group of teens Monday night.

“Honestly, I just showed up. I just came for the talk. I didn’t expect no athletes to show up,” said Koandre Cherry, 16.

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