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Shamika Sanders House of CB Charmaine Dress

Source: @shamika_sanders / Courtesy of Brand

A wise and stylish friend of mine once said, “every House of CB piece I own requires help to get into it.” But gosh, when you get into it – it’s so worth it. I was honored to present an award at the Pow(H)er Awards in NYC on November 16 and I needed a dress. As a mom of two (including a 5-month-old), I need to be sucked in, snatched, and gathered. Give me structure, darling. I’m also slim with a large bust so finding looks that fit is always a struggle. You can imagine my excitement when I found out House of CB offers larger bust sizes (D-E).

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Source: HouseOfCB / Courtesy of Brand

The House of CB experience begins long before your package arrives. Navigating their chic website feels like a luxury shopping experience. Your package comes in a beautiful neatly wrapped gray box with a bow. The brand doesn’t skimp on quality. Inside your package is a sleek note on top of pink tissue paper. It’s a full climatic moment finally unwrapping your garment. I had searched for hours to make a final decision on the dress that would serve as a notice to the world I was back from my pregnancy bid and better than ever.

Shamika Sanders HouseOFCB Charmaine Dress

Source: @shamika_sanders / @Shamika_Sanders

“There she is,” I exclaimed revealing “Charmaine” — a sultry but elegant pink corset maxi dress. She felt silky, had the soft sexy sheen of pink satin, and flowed like her name. It was love at first sight. But, would she fit?

Moment Of Truth

One of the scariest things about ordering online for a big event is not being able to try on your fit beforehand. I wouldn’t be keeping it real if I didn’t share my award show dinner date (the curvy baddie in blue) nearly put her knee in my back to zip me into it, but it was well worth the effort. Being a big boobie girl also means I seriously question spaghetti straps. Worrying about cup size is one thing but would they support my DDDs? And they did! The corset top shaped my breasts while snatching in my waist with its decorative boning. It was also the perfect length – it hit right at the ankles, which perfectly showed off my House of CB “Ghost” strappy sandals.


Source: HouseOfCB / Courtesy of Brand

I always hesitate to buy high heels on the net, simply because I need to know if they’re sturdy. But the shoes were also on point, providing the perfect nude foot look. They were more comfortable than expected for 4″ heels with thin straps that go across your toes.

I walked into the Dream Hotel where the awards were held feeling like the baddest in the room. House of CB might cost you a little more, but if you’re shopping for something with a more elevated quality than your typical fast-fashion pieces, I’d highly recommend spending your coin on their clothes and accessories. They even offer express delivery (cup sizes D-E take longer). But it’s really worth the money.

Happy Shopping!


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