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INDIANAPOLIS — Researchers at the Polis Center at IUPUI are developing a new project that examines the equity gap between racial groups in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Racial Equity Report Card looks at large disparities in things like income, healthcare and education that exist between white residents and residents of color.

“Almost every indicator we pulled, there was a negative racial gap, meaning that the non-white population, on average, had worse outcomes than the white population,” Research Data Analyst Aaron Olson said.

The report is conducted by SAVI — a community information system, which began at the Polis Center in 1994.

Researchers monitor data from sources like the U.S. Census Bureau, Marion County Public Health Department, and Indiana Department of Education.

Olson says the two main goals of the report are:

  • Give people easy access to information on what disparities already exist.
  • Update the report annually to monitor if gaps are closing.

In terms of education, there’s a disparity between the percentage of white vs. non-white students who attend Indianapolis Public Schools institutions with a state letter C or better.

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