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Yo Yo Doesn’t Believe Jada Pinkett Smith Was The Love of Tupac’s Life

In a recent interview, rapper Yo-Yo talked about her relationship with Tupac. When asked if she believed Jada Pinkett Smith was the love of Tupac’s life she jokingly says ‘no’ saying she was the love of Tupac’s life. But was she joking? Check out the clip below:


Extended Trailer to Janet Jackson’s Documentary dropped on New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day Lifetime dropped a new three minute trailer for Janet Jackson’s documentary. It will be two nights and debut on Friday January 28th at 8pm. The blank stare on Janet’s face when asked about the Super Bowl is priceless. The trailer makes it appear as if Justin may have reached out to her when he returned to the Super Bowl. Grab your popcorn and watch the trailer below. It is that good!


Omarion Said Don’t Confuse Him With All That Mess Happening Outside

Before kicking off the New Year, Omarion took to social media with a special message. Omarion is like, ‘nope, I want no parts of that!” Want to watch? Clip below:


Tiffany Haddish on Whether She Will Date Another Famous Man

Tiffany Haddish gave a very direct and blunt answer when asked whether she would ever date another famous man. Ok Tiffany! We see you! Say it again for everyone in the back! Watch now.