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Jadakiss on Monogram

Source: Monogram / MONOGRAM

Last month Jay-Z introduced his brand new cannabis brand dubbed “Monogram,” and with Jigga once again delving back into the world of hustling them thangs (legally this time though), you knew he was gonna use his connects to help push his latest product.

Kicking off a new series on his Monogram Company website dubbed High Tales, the first celebrity guest to speak on his own weed enhanced experience is non other than J-To-The-Muah himself, Jadakiss. In this episode the raspy voiced MC talks about the time he and Snoop Dogg exchanged some east coast/west coast weed (only to find out it was all the same) and the time he found himself in a celebrity cipher at a Prince after party.

Expect to see more of your favorite artists speak about their crazy experiences smoking the sticky-icky in future episodes but for now enjoy Kiss’s funny stories below and let us know if you’ve tried Monogram in the comments section.

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