President Trump’s disapproval rating has been steadily increasing since the partial government shutdown began on December 22nd.  According to a CNN poll, 57-percent of people disapprove of the job Trump is doing.  That’s up five points since last month.  The President’s approval rating is at 37-percent, which is roughly the same as December.  The poll also found that majority of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown over Democrats, 55-percent to 32-percent, while nine-percent blamed both sides.

In other news, President Trump is mocking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for his recent announcement that he’s getting a divorce.  On Twitter, Trump referred to him as “Jeff Bozo” and said he was “so sorry” to hear that he was “taken down” by a competitor who he called more accurate than the Washington Post, which Bezos owns.  The “competitor” Trump is referring to is the National Enquirer, which published what it claims are text messages between Bezos and his new girlfriend.

Can you feel that disapproval rating increasing a little bit more?

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