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People, there are only two episodes of Power left this season. Thank God for the return of the fall TV shows, otherwise I don’t know what I’d do. Unfortunately, though, it seems like everyone on Power is making some irrevocable choices that will lead to significant consequences that they aren’t going to be able to recover from. On this episode, “Trust Me,” everyone has either turned to the dark side, or gone further over the edge.

Let’s start with Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora). Ghost is, more than we’ve seen him in any other season, absolutely shook. He stands to lose his clubs, his life, his reputation and his family and his usual cool is taking a hit. While he’s out looking for a way to get Milan/Dean’s illegal cigarette import business busted, he’s also putting a target on his and his family’s back – or at least enlarging the one that’s already there.

And while he’s hanging at Serbian bars to figure out how to implicate Milan/Dean (Callan Mulvey) he’s drinking ‘again’ as Tasha (Naturi Naughton) says to Tommy in an SOS call. Ghost does have the frame of mind to get an NYPD connect to help him ID the illegal cigarette distributors while promising the guy the bust of his career, but we don’t know if Ghost can even get close enough to make that happen.

After last week’s near-death beating, Tommy is in Milan/Dean’s good graces. He wants Tommy to help him run his vast supply of opiates. (Kudos to Team Power for calling the opiate epidemic relevant even before Prince’s death). Tommy has an idea – using couriers to deliver the drugs to the high-end clients. He just has to get the Soldado Nation, which Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos) is back to running after the Lobos case died with Lobos, the Koreans, our favorite shady drug-dealing, gun-running priest Father Callahan (Jim Norton) and the other distros on board.

Ghost convinces Tommy to pull in Lobos’s man, Hugo, so they can find the leak in the AUSA’s office. Hugo, who’s already made a deal with Sandoval (David Fumero) to get 20K and a passport to get the bleep out of Dodge, thinks Tommy wants to help, but nah, Tommy and Ghost want info. Unfortunately for that plan, the new gives no f-s Tommy doesn’t take kindly to Hugo’s taunting over his dog’s death and shoots him dead before they can get any intel. Dammit. But Ghost does get Hugo’s phone. At least somebody’s still thinking.

Ghost is paid a visit by M.J. the Fed from the Office Of Personal Responsibility. She offers him a deal – if he gives up Angela for feeding him info on the Lobos transport, she’ll work some things out for him. He’s back to the charming club owner, hilariously asking her ‘And who is Felipe Lobos again?’ We know M.J.’s no fool, but she also has zero proof. Bye, bye, M.J.

As for Angela, she’s making her rounds. She stops at Tommy’s mom’s house, where she questions Kate’s knowledge of her son’s whereabouts on the day of the Lobos murder. When Kate flubs an answer, Angela tells her she needs to get her story straight. Tommy walks in just long enough to back his mother’s story, and tells Angela she needs to play it cool before she screws things up for everybody.

Angela heads over to Tasha’s where the two have another deliciously juicy scene where Angela tries to get Tasha once again to admit she covered for Ghost. C’mon Angela, you know that ain’t happening. Angela does get an unexpected break – Ghost gives her the cell phone he took from Hugo. But little does Ghost know, Angela IS wearing a wire this time and she tapes their incriminating conversation. A little insurance or the set up for the takedown? Time will tell.

Ang heads over to Knox’s (Andy Bean) house to show him the hotel security tape that shows Ghost and Tasha together at the Odette Hotel. Oh, well, we knew it was coming. Angela is in her feelings about Ghost possibly having a little sexy time with his wife, and Greg is still in his feelings about Angela’s betrayal. So what do they do? Have sex, of course. But in the end, it looks like they both did it not just to soothe hurt feelings but to soften the other up for intel. Greg thinks Angela is working for Jamie and Angela is getting the info she needs to keep herself from prosecution.

Milan/Dean is sure busy this episode. He pays a sinister visit to LaKeisha’s (La La Anthony) salon to warn Tasha that if her husband tries to undermine him, he’ll be dead and likely, so will she. Give it to Tasha – she holds her own with the Devil standing in her face. But LaKeisha didn’t make no deals with the Devil, she just wanted some startup money. When she overhears their conversation, LaKeisha realizes she’s become the unwitting drug money cleaner. Such a shame our friendship had to instantly end. Tasha gives her a bag filled with 500K to shut her up, but that ain’t enough to risk both life and jail time, is it?

Multi-tasker Milan/Dean also sets up a meeting up with the local distros. Why rent a conference space when he has Truth to do his dirt in? Ghost’s face when he sees an array of the local drug lords in his precious club is pretty sad to see. This guy did so much wet work to keep his businesses legit and once again, his plan is falling apart. But Ghost ain’t seen nothing yet.

Jae Shin (C.S. Lee) wrongly believes Tommy killed his son. He obviously didn’t get the memo that he’s not to speak up without raising his hand in Milan/Dean’s drug meetups and for that error in judgment, he gets his throat slashed. Oh, Lord, in the club? Milan/Dean, as we know by now, ain’t playing. Any more questions? Guess opiates are now part of the New York distros drug offering.

The absolute worst individual in the Power universe, Kanan, (Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson) makes another sickening appearance this week. Fresh off killing old ladies, he now manipulates poor Dre (Rotimi) and uses him to befriend Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) Tariq is clearly out of his league and oblivious to any danger this puts him in. It’s hard to believe he’s so dayum dumb, but angry sons do make easy targets for predatory men.

But as Kanan is about to kill the kid for his naiveté, when Tariq mentions how much he hates Ghost, Kanan decides to implement what we’re sure is another nefarious plan. Lord, can everyone else get together and take this dude out? Although I’m sure 50 Cent’s ego won’t let him be killed off on his own show, I can only hope his overall deal with Starz might mean he gets too busy to keep playing the role. But I doubt it.

The episode ends on several low notes: Ghost follows the bar owner who sells the cigarettes to a warehouse and sees Tommy, after Tommy told him he had no idea where Milan’s HQ even was. Ghost is lying too, because he told Tommy he wasn’t scheming to take down Milan. Although Tommy provided some good advice when he told Ghost he needed to stop sh–g bricks every time Milan pulled a stunt because Milan is the kind of psychopath who likes watching people stress, we don’t know Tommy’s true loyalties right now.

But at the end of the episode, we’re kinda stressed because Tommy may have really gone to the deep, dark abyss – he was ordered to kill LaKeisha and after he shows up at the salon, we never find out what happens. Thanks for the nail-biting TWO weeks until we find out, Power writers. In the meantime, as we countdown to the last episode, we have just one question: who’s most likely not to make it to Season 4: Tariq, LaKeisha, Dre, Knox, Angela or (we can only hope) Kanan?

Quote of the Week:

Tasha: ‘Don’t you got  a job?

Angela: I do, putting murdering drug dealers in jail. What do you do?”

FYI Power fans: The show takes a break next week (why, no, whyyyy?!) and will return on Sunday, September 18th at 9 p.m. Did I mention how much I hate the Starz schedulers?


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