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The internet has been nasty to Leslie Jones.

Not long after she was trolled off Twitter by hateful racists, who were mad about her role in the remake of Ghostbusters, hackers committed a vicious crime.

On Wednesday, someone hacked her professional website and replaced her head shots with private nude photos and racist imagery —in addition to revealing her driver’s license and passport information.

Immediately in the response to the disgusting act, thousands showed her love through the #LoveforLeslieJ and #SupportLeslieJ hashtags.

But to show even more solidarity, @BlakeDontCrack created the hashtag #BlackMenSupportLeslie for black men, specifically, to show support and love for the comedian.

Jones has yet to make a statement or comment on social media about the hack, but that hasn’t stopped authorities from working to find out who’s behind it.

As reported by Think Progress, on Thursday the Department of Homeland Security’s New York office announced they had launched an investigation into the Leslie Jones case. Aside from any hate crime charges, the hacker in this case will likely face an indictment under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the same act that sent Ryan Collins to prison for his role in phishing his way into the private accounts of more than 100 people, many of them celebrities, in 2014.

Many are looking at Milo Yiannopolous —the idiot who initially went attack Jones on Twitter (he was given a lifetime ban)— as the person behind the leak. But there’s no conclusive word on the culprit.


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