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Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby refuses to go down without a fight—we guess.

His newest legal strategy includes suing Andrea Constand, a former Temple employee and one of Cosby’s alleged rape victims, for breach on contract from a 2005 civil suit agreement. Cosby also demands that Constand repay him the settlement money because she betrayed the stipulation that she would remain silent about her accusations.

And silent she has not been.

Constand, 43, will be testifying in a criminal case against Cosby, where she accused him of drugging and raping her, an issue that Cosby’s lawyers take issue with given that Constand used that civil suit to get local officials to file criminal charges against their client.

“Despite being under no legal obligation to discuss any aspects of the events and allegations, … and despite being expressly prohibited from disclosing such information to anyone, Andrea Constand volunteered to participate and disclosed such information to the district attorney and others,” Cosby’s lawyers wrote in a lawsuit, says the Associated Press.

Cosby is also suing Constand’s own mama and her lawyer Dolores Troian for helping relay “confidential” information back to the district attorney and “inviting media coverage or making public statements about the case,” the AP writes.

But Troian maintains that they did nothing illegal because there always a “provision that allow[ed] them to speak to law enforcement.”

The National Inquirer is also named in the lawsuit for publishing numerous stories about the case over the years. And while the magazine’s lawyers have no comment about this particular lawsuit, in 2014 a former reporter from the rag claimed that in 1989, Cosby leaked a story about his own daughter’s drug addiction as a means to persuade them from not writing a story about the looming numerous rape allegations against him.

Beyond messy.

Speaking of mess: A federal judge refuses to delay Camille Cosby’s testimony in a Mass. defamation case filed against her husband by seven women who claim that Mr. Cosby drugged and raped them too.

According to NBC News, Mrs. Cosby’s lawyers argued that “her deposition should be delayed or stayed because some people related to the case, including some plaintiffs, have not yet been deposed….and Camille Cosby’s deposition should be limited to responding to information revealed during those depositions.”

Well, the judge wasn’t having it and she is expected to testify on Monday. However, Mrs. Cosby, who was also Mr. Cosby’s business manager, doesn’t have to answer any questions that would require her to break spousal privilege.

This will be interesting.

[SOURCES: The Associated Press, NBC]


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