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Selfies have redefined the art of picture-taking. Just one trip down your social media site of choice and you’ll come across the coveted self portrait that’s designed to show off the most flattering angle of your face.

Ty Hunter (yes, Beyonce‘s Stylist) saw the power behind the selfie and took it a step further to create Ty-Lite, a one of a kind accessory that would not only protect your smartphone but double as a built three setting lighting device, whose sole purpose was to create better selfies.


We talked exclusively to Ty about the idea behind Ty-Lite, future products and of course tips to create a flawless selfie.

BAW: Did you ever think of taking Ty-Lite to Shark Tank?

“My Passion Projects LLC partners and I considered several options to bring the Ty-lite to market. We love Shark Tank – it’s great TV and its impact on the entrepreneurs has been great. However, we didn’t consider it for the Ty-Lite because we knew we wanted to retain full ownership of the product and the process of bringing it to market. I think the ownership piece is linked to wealth and brand building. We’re promoting and selling the Ty-lite ourselves and enjoying the ride!”

BAW: Are there plans to “lite” up another part of our life?

“The answer is yes but I can’t share the details on our plans just yet. Just know we’ll continue to bring out products that help people see themselves in their best “lite.” Right not I’m focused on the Ty-Lite (the only protective smartphone case on the market with three light settings). I also have a clothing line With Passion by Ty Hunter and the Ty Hunter Emoji available free on the app store.”

BAW: Give us three ways to make your selfies even better?

“There are three elements to a great selfie: First, find good light.”

“The sun isn’t always shining so it’s important to find the best light. That’s why I developed the Ty-Lite. No matter where I am, inside or outside, there’s a setting that makes my photo pop.”

“Second, learn your angles.”

“You hear people talk about their “good side” all the time. Well it’s true. Learn the angles of your face, practice your poses in the mirror and come up with 2-3 go-to poses. In this way, you’re always ready and you never have to ask to see the pic after it’s been snapped. You’ll know you rocked it!”

“Third and most important is confidence.”

“Love the skin you’re in and trust me it shines through in pictures and in real life. There’s no filter or accessory or case that can replace self-love and acceptance.”

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