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Gynnya McMillen

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More information has come out about the Kentucky juvenile detention center supervisor who put 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen in an “Aikido restraint” within 24 hours of her being found dead on Jan 11.

Reginald Windham, the ten-year veteran who handled McMillen at the Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center, has a history of excessive force and negligence that’s been well documented in reported incidents, reprimands from his superiors and detailed memos.

As reported by BuzzFeed:

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice has disciplined or reprimanded Windham in five other instances as a staffer, including two excessive force incidents and three instances where he showed a lack of competency and professionalism, according to his personnel record. All statements about Windham’s alleged conduct in this article are based on the records, which include supervisory conferences, reprimand letters and memos, case reports, incident reports and witness interview reports.

“If he’s been disciplined five times I’d be wondering why the facility would continue to employ him,” Ronald Hillerich, the McMillen’s family attorney, told BuzzFeed News. “Everyone is entitled to a second chance, but it raises a serious question as to whether his employment should be continued.” The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

In the detailed account of Windham’s assault and negligence incidents, the publication found multiple incidents of pure malice. From releasing a youth resident without their vital blood pressure medication and letting another with a shunt in his head play soccer, to dragging a girl by her leg into her cell after not letting go of family photos, there were serious red flags.

Windham was so horrible and destructive on the job that he was required to take remedial training. In one incident in Sept 2006 involving him bumping a resident and threatening to break his arm, Windham was suspended for five days with pay.

Quite frankly, the guy should have been fired a long time ago.

The pressure of working with youth in a detention setting cannot be easy. But in their fragile state, it’s devastating to know that a grown man seemed to seek pleasure in being a bully to essentially, kids. But what’s even more regrettable is that while Gynnya’s case continues to be investigated, this fool is sitting at home on paid leave.

Wrongdoing without consequence breeds entitled monsters.


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