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Who exactly did you think Holmes was going to be with? Before the money she was a single mother with a high school education in a small town. Did you think once she got the check, she was going to start hanging out with Oprah and Diddy? She may need the time to adjust to her new circumstances and figure out where she goes from here. It may mean leaving all she knows behind her, but that would be a challenging adjustment for anyone, especially once they’ve come into the enormous responsibility of managing a fortune.

McDow could very well be an older man taking advantage of a gullible young woman who’s come into a LOT of money. It’s more than possible and it may be that Holmes is on her way to learning a very expensive lesson. The only difference between her and other gullible young women in the same situation is that its money she can afford to lose. Some women are throwing away $800 dollar paychecks on men who don’t deserve it. Holmes, with a net worth of $80 million plus doesn’t have that problem. She could still end up broke, as many lottery winners do. She may end up a cautionary tale. But she’s still young enough, and rich enough, to turn things around.

Some of you may be genuinely concerned about the welfare of a woman who has been thrust into the spotlight due to a windfall we’ve all dreamed about. Others are jealous haters who never wished her well in the first place because they didn’t think she “deserved” the money due to her gender, race or single motherhood. Well, let me be the first to tell you – it ain’t your money. It’s Holmes’ and she can do whatever she damn pleases with it. Without knowing the whole story, many online commenters have rushed to judgement.

Some of you who have $80 in the bank are shaming a woman with $80 million in the bank instead of wishing her well. If Holmes ends up leaving McDow and moving on, good for her. If she stays with him and they live a quiet life from here on out, good for them. Until you’re working with that kind of financial scenario, you can’t imagine what choices you might make. So instead of judging and hating, wish that Marie Holmes makes the best of this blessing and that she and her children will be all right down the line. Get out of her pockets and worry about your own life. It’s energy that will serve you much better in 2016.

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