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What’s the difference between doing outreach to a diverse group of constituents and being clueless and offensive?

Well, whatever it is, Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is straddling that line—and not very well depending on whom you ask. On Saturday night, Clinton pushed out a Happy Kwanza tweet and changed her avatar to the following image.

In true form, Black Twitter didn’t miss a beat, calling the politician “tone deaf” and accusing of her using the Afrocentric holiday to “pander” the Black vote, Vocativ wrote. Soon after, the hashtag #NewHillaryLogo began trending along with some pretty hilarious memes.

Clearly, Clinton and her social media manager must have been paying attention, because soon after, the Kwanzaa profile pic was deleted and replaced with a photo of Clinton.

But beyond the laughter, it’s important to mention that this isn’t the first time Clinton campaign logos have come under fire when trying to relate to African-American voters.

But this Rosa Park’s one though?

Ironically, this Twitter tango isn’t even Clinton’s first one this week.

On Monday (December 21), the Latino community took to social media to express their discontent with a Clinton staffer comparing her boss to an “abuela” (Spanish for grandmother) on the campaign website. The hashtag #NotMyAbuela, started by Mic staff writer Matthew Rodriguez, boasted more than 20K tweets and helped usher in a conversation about racial insensitivity and whether Clinton has a “relatability” problem, NPR noted.

Only time will tell if these incidents will potentially hurt Clinton’s comfortable lead ahead of Bernie Sanders as the primaries rear their heads in upcoming months. All we hope is that the next time Clinton’s camp wants to appeal to voters of color, they better come correct, because this was definitely a huge #Fail.

What do you think: Does Clinton deserve the criticism or was she just trying to be culturally inclusive?

[SOURCES: Vocativ, NPR]


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