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Dear Tom,

I am a single mother of 2 daughters and I can say, it has been tough raising them on my own.   Right now, I work 2 jobs and go to school at night.    I have to pay my own tuition because I cannot get financial aid anymore.   When I get home at night, I am just exhausted but I get right back up the next morning, with a smile on my face and start all over again.

My oldest daughter moved to Atlanta last year and she is now pregnant with my first grandchild.   Her pregnancy is high risk due to medical complications and she cannot work more than part-time, so I have been helping her pay her bills.   Although this is hard at times—I will always be there to help my kids.

Tom, my daughter is due to have my granddaughter in January, however, there is a possibility that due to her condition she won’t make it to term.  As soon as I get that phone call, I know I have to go.   The only problem is, I am not sure I will have the money to just up and go, because I have not been able to save with keeping things afloat in two households.

My Christmas wish is to ask for your help to secure a plane ticket to Atlanta, so I can make sure I am in the delivery room with my daughter and to be able to get my new grand baby some much needed infant items for her nursery.

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